Running Containerd and k3s on MacOS


Authors:   Akihiro Suda, Jan Dubois


It has been very hard to use Mac for developing containerized apps. A typical way is to use Docker for Mac, but it is not FLOSS. Another option is to install Docker and/or Kubernetes into VirtualBox, often via minikube, but it doesn't propagate localhost ports, and VirtualBox also doesn't support the ARM architecture. This session will show how to run containerd and k3s on macOS, using Lima and Rancher Desktop. Lima wraps QEMU in a simple CLI, with neat features for container users, such as filesystem sharing and automatic localhost port forwarding, as well as DNS and proxy propagation for enterprise networks. Rancher Desktop wraps Lima with k3s integration and GUI.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!