Updates from The Update Framework


Authors:   Lukas Pühringer, Jussi Kukkonen


The Update Framework (TUF) is a framework for secure content delivery and updates. It protects against various types of supply chain attacks, and, in contrast to many other systems, provides resilience to compromise. In this talk Jussi and Lukas, both maintainers of the TUF reference implementation and core contributors to the TUF specification, will show why content delivery is such a crucial part of the supply chain, how TUF can be used to protect it, and where TUF is already used in practice. They will talk about how the TUF ecosystem is evolving: what is happening within the various sub projects and how some well-known adoptions and integration projects are proceeding. Finally, some interesting future developments are discussed.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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