AMA Coffee Klatch with Priyanka Sharma, GM of CNCF


Authors:   Priyanka Sharma


The importance of contributing to open source projects for career growth and opportunities
  • Cloud native technologies create a need for various professionals, including designers, tech docs writers, and marketers
  • Open source projects require more than just coding contributions, such as documentation and design work
  • Contributing to open source projects can lead to career opportunities and provide real-life project experience
  • The CNCF offers mentorship programs for those interested in contributing to open source projects
  • Open source contributions can help individuals stand out to potential employers
The speaker shared their personal experience of how contributing to open source projects helped them land a job at Inter Switch, despite not having prior job experience. They were able to showcase their real-life project experience and skills gained from contributing to open source projects during the hiring process.


Join CNCF General Manager Priyanka Sharma for some early morning socializing, a recap of the week, and special guests! Come prepared with your audio and video on – we’re here to have fun and make connections!*This event will be streamed to cloudnative.tv. How to Register: No need! The coffee klatch is open to all interested community members, space permitting. Details on how to join will be shared closer to the event.Join Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/95839612454


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