Virtual AMA Happy Hour with Priyanka Sharma


Authors:   Priyanka Sharma


The cloud native ecosystem offers opportunities for professionals of all skill sets to contribute to open source projects and advance their careers.
  • The landscape of the cloud native ecosystem is vast and diverse, with categories such as UMCS and security.
  • KubeCon Cloud Native Cons are recommended for beginners to get started.
  • Open source contributions are not limited to software engineers, as companies need various skill sets such as designers, tech docs writers, and marketers.
  • LFX Mentorships offer opportunities for people to work on open source projects and gain experience.
  • Contributing to open source projects can improve career chances as many for-profit companies base their products and offerings on open source software.
The speaker's entire career is built on open source, which has become a valuable asset for companies in the cloud native ecosystem. Contributing to open source projects not only builds skills but also offers opportunities to be part of something valuable to a company. However, joining projects in the CNCF can be intimidating due to the presence of experts. The speaker recommends attending KubeCon Cloud Native Cons and applying for LFX Mentorships to gain experience and contribute to open source projects.


Join CNCF General Manager Priyanka Sharma for some end-of-day socializing, recaps of the keynotes, and special guests! Come prepared with your audio and video on – we’re here to have fun and make connections! We'll break into smaller groups to make those 1:1 connections. How to Register: No need! Happy hour is open to all in the community that are interested, space permitting. Details on how to join will be shared closer to the event.


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