Wednesday Keynote Sessions

Authors:   Liz Rice, Briana Frank, Justin Cormack, Lei Zhang, Stefan Prodan, Cheryl Hung, Constance Caramanolis, Priyanka Sharma, Stephen Augustus, Clayton Coleman, Zain Asgar, Jim Haughwout


Be sure to join us for Wednesday's keynotes which include:Cloud Native: The Building Blocks for the Human Experience - Priyanka Sharma, General Manager, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (10:00 - 10:15) with special guest Zain Asgar, GVP & Product GM, Pixie @ New Relic & Adjunct Professor, Computer Science, Stanford University6 End Users and What They Love about Cloud Native - Cheryl Hung, Vice President, Ecosystem, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (10:15-10:35)How Cloud Native Tech Helped Peloton Ride to Exponential Growth - Jim Haughwout, Vice President of Platform, Peloton (10:35-10:50)Sponsored Keynote: Kubernetes as the Control Plane for the Hybrid Cloud - Clayton Coleman, Architect for Kubernetes and OpenShift, Red Hat (10:50-10:55)The CNCF Sandbox: An Exploration and Guided Tour - Justin Cormack, Chief Technology Officer, Docker (10:56-11:11)Keynote: CNCF Project Update: Flux - Stefan Prodan, Developer Experience Engineer, Weaveworks (11:12-11:22)Sponsored Keynote: Commit to the Cause. Push for Change. Take on the World’s Greatest Challenges with Kubernetes - Briana Frank, Director of Product Management, IBM Cloud (11:23-11:28)Predictions from the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) - Liz Rice, Chief Open Source Officer, Isovalent & Chair, Technical Oversight Committee & Lei Zhang, Staff Engineer, Alibaba Cloud & Member, Technical Oversight Committee (11:29-11:44)Closing Remarks - KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 Co-Chairs: Constance Caramanolis, Principal Engineer, Splunk & Stephen Augustus, Head of Open Source, Emerging Technologies & Incubation Division, Cisco (11:45-11:50)



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