Friday Keynote Sessions


Authors:   Paris Pittman, Luke Hinds, Christoph Blecker, Constance Caramanolis, Shatarupa Nandi, Frederick Kautz, Allan Friedman, PhD, Jimmy Guerrero, Jasmine James, Stephen Augustus, Masoud Mirmomeni


Be sure to join us for Friday's keynotes which include:Opening Remarks - Constance Caramanolis, Principal Software Engineer, Splunk; Jasmine James, Engineering Manager, Twitter; Stephen Augustus, Head of Open Source, Cisco (9:00-9:05)Machine Learning on Kubernetes Made Easy With Kubeflow - Masoud Mirmomeni, Lead Data Scientist, Shell & Jimmy Guerrero, Vice President of Marketing, Arrikto (9:05-9:20)A Secure Supply Chain Vision - Luke Hinds, Security Lead, Office of the CTO, Red Hat (9:20-9:25)Sustaining a Contributor Community’s Next Generation - Christoph Blecker, Principal Site Reliability Engineer, Red Hat & Paris Pittman, Program Manager, Apple (9:25-9:40)Breaking Tradition: The Future of Package Management with Kubernetes - Shatarupa Nandi, Engineering Director @ VMware Tanzu, VMware (9:40-9:45)Maintaining the Maintainers - Stephen Augustus, Head of Open Source, Cisco (9:45-10:00)SBOM is Coming: Why You Should Care and How You Can Help - Frederick Kautz, AI Chief; Enterprise Architect, Anthem & Allan Friedman, Senior Advisor and Strategist, CISA (10:00-10:15)Community Awards


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