Thursday Keynote Sessions


Authors:   Kim McMahon, Lachie Evenson, Constance Caramanolis, Katelin Ramer, Vaibhav Kamra, Jasmine James, Stephen Augustus, Robert Duffy


Be sure to join us for Thursday's keynotes which include:Kubernetes Project Updates - Stephen Augustus, Head of Open Source, Cisco (9:00-9:15)Welcome to Cloud Native - We’re Here to Help - Vaibhav Kamra, Chief Technical Officer, Kasten by Veeam (9:15-9:20)Why a Cloud Native (CNCF) & Open Hardware (RISC-V) Alliance Makes Sense - Kim McMahon, Director of Visibility & Community Engagement, RISC-V International & Katelin Ramer, Director of Business Development, Cloud Native Computing Foundation (9:20-9:35)Where Do We Go From Here? - Constance Caramanolis, Principal Software Engineer, Splunk (9:35-9:50)Creating a Holistic Developer Experience - Jasmine James, Engineering Manager, Twitter (9:50-10:05)And Here We Go: Dual-stack Networking in Kubernetes - Lachlan Evenson, Principal Program Manager, OSS at Azure, Microsoft Azure (10:05-10:10)Building Support For Your Cloud Native Journey - Robert Duffy, Vice President, Development and Runtime Platform, Expedia (10:10-10:25)Closing Remarks - Constance Caramanolis, Principal Software Engineer, Splunk; Jasmine James, Engineering Manager, Twitter; Stephen Augustus, Head of Open Source, Cisco (10:25-10:30)


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