SIG Cloud Provider: Portable K8s Across all Clouds, Roadmap and Updates


Authors:   Steve Wong, Nicholas Turner


Updates on cloud provider implementations for Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes runs on multiple clouds
  • Cloud provider implementations give community updates
  • Updates on recent releases and support for dual stack
  • AWS load balancer controller recommended over built-in service controller
  • CSI migration offered as add-ons in EKS and COPs
  • Testing and migration plans for cloud provider features
During the conference presentation, the speaker discussed the updates on cloud provider implementations for Kubernetes. They emphasized the importance of cloud provider implementations and how they give community updates. They also mentioned the recent releases and support for dual stack, as well as the AWS load balancer controller being recommended over the built-in service controller. The speaker also talked about CSI migration being offered as add-ons in EKS and COPs. Lastly, they discussed the testing and migration plans for cloud provider features.


Cloud Provider code allows Kubernetes to run on top of different platforms, with an implementation for each. The agenda will include: An overall status report on removing the cloud provider code from the main Kubernetes repository to “out of tree repositories; “Lightning talks” for individual cloud providers, reporting efforts, accomplishments, and roadmap for features and getting "out-of-tree". We’ll also discuss the plans to handle cloud provider migration - including interesting topics like building and migrating to cloud controller managers, and kubelet image credential providers. The goal of SIG Cloud Provider is to promote a vendor-neutral ecosystem for our community. We will close with details on how you can get involved with the SIG as either a cloud infrastructure supporter, a K8s distribution author, or a K8s user.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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