Cloud Provider Extraction: What We’ve Done, Where We Are and What's Left!


Authors:   Steve Wong, Nicholas Turner, Walter Fender


Cloud Provider code allows Kubernetes to run on top of different platforms. Originally, support for all variations was built directly into a K8s release. This brought bloat - a running cluster used only a subset of the code within the release. Also, any cloud specific bug fix or enhancement demanded a new full K8s release as a carrier. This will be a status report on removing the cloud provider code from the main Kubernetes repository. Significant early milestones were recently achieved: the API Server no longer needs the cloud provider library; SSHTunnels have been deleted. For each in-tree cloud provider, we will report on efforts, accomplishments, and roadmap for getting "out-of-tree". We’ll also discuss the plans to handle the speed bumps that are left - including interesting topics like multi-repo e2e testing and removing the cluster directory.


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