What Is the CNCF TAG Observability and How You Can Join Our Effort!


Authors:   Bartłomiej Płotka, Richard Hartmann, Alolita Sharma, Matt Young


The presentation discusses the importance of observability in software development and the need for metrics and logging. It also touches on the relationship between chaos engineering and observability, as well as the role of end user involvement in the observability landscape.
  • Observability involves writing things down, linking events, and extracting numbers to gain an overview of a system.
  • Resurfacing old content and creating a public UI for observability systems can help promote end user involvement.
  • Chaos testing is related to observability as it introduces more signals for observability.
  • Cortex is a healthy project, but Grafana Labs decided to fork away from it and maintain its own thing.
  • There is a need to separate chaos engineering and observability into a separate, focused group.
  • End user involvement is crucial in the observability landscape, and they should voice their problems and work with others to solve them.
The speaker mentions that humanity has been using metrics and logging for centuries, from ships using log books to power grids and the internet. He also encourages end users to share their experiences and solutions through case studies and blog posts.


The Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs, formerly SIGs) were created by the CNCF to help provide technical guidance and expertise across projects pertaining to a specific domain. One of the domains that are continuously demanded and show great innovation within the cloud-native ecosystem is Observability. In this talk, the TAG Observability co-chairs and team lead will introduce the activities we do with TAG members and the community. You will learn what has been done so far and how you can join us in our efforts to improve the observability ecosystem around us. We are looking for a diversity of skills and backgrounds, so we can give out more supporting materials and best practices for end-users and contributors around monitoring and observability. The audience will learn what TAG Observability is responsible for, how to contribute and where to find us. Hopefully, this talk will inspire your to join our Observability community!Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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