Design Up Front: Socializing Ideas with Enhancement Proposals


Authors:   Christie Warwick (Wilson), Kirsten Garrison, Adam Kaplan


KEPs, TEPs, SHIPs - why are contributors asked to fill these out? Many open source projects adopt enhancement proposal (EP) processes to guide new feature development. These documents can be lengthy, and contributors can be reluctant to write designs up front before their code is accepted. There is great value in writing these documents and sharing them with fellow developers. How can a project adopt an EP process without intimidating new contributors? Can these principles be used with proprietary code, or small projects?In this panel discussion, maintainers from Kubernetes, Tekton, and Shipwright will discuss the ins and outs of their enhancement processes, and how up front design discussions have improved the quality of their code. The panel will explore the history behind their processes, how they work, and how they have evolved over time. Panelists will also share how they make their EP processes effective and engaging. After the discussion you may add EPs to your own projects!


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