Production-scale Containerized Game Platform Practice in Bytedance


Authors:   Viktor Farcic, Chenyu Jiang


The presentation discusses the benefits of using Kubernetes clusters for managing applications and services at scale, and enabling anyone within an organization to leverage the system without deep knowledge of Kubernetes or cloud infrastructure.
  • Creating and managing Kubernetes clusters at scale
  • Enabling anyone within an organization to use the system without deep knowledge of Kubernetes or cloud infrastructure
  • Managing applications and services in different providers
  • Using custom resource definitions and controllers to create and manage services
  • Leveraging cloud-native deployment for game servers
  • Using open source tools like OAM and Kubewell for efficient management
In the past, developers had to come up with the SRA team together and put many efforts into the deployment and daily operations. With Kubernetes, developers can focus on the template of the application and upload the image, and the system will automatically take over the other things such as service discovery and runtime management for the games in daily operation.


Classical games servers are running on physical machines or virtual machines to provide services to players. However, packaging game servers as in containers is quickly gaining traction across the tech landscape because of container's isolated runtime paradigm, cost efficiency and elasticity. In Bytedance, games is one of the major vertical domains and we need a mature games-centric platform to serve games from both in-house games studios and agents of game manufacturers globally. In this talk, a Bytedance's practice will be shared in establishing a Kubernetes based Game platform. It leverages multiple CNCF open source frameworks: Crossplane, KubeVela, Agones to address challenges and requirements for games to go cloud-native, such as game servers and dependency resource deployment in multi-cloud/multi-region, game servers orchestration and stateful games service autoscaling.


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