What's New in Operator Framework?


Authors:   Jonathan Berkhahn, Per Gonçalves da Silva


The presentation discusses the Operator SDK and the new hybrid Helm operator, as well as future plans for external bundle validation.
  • The Operator SDK is a toolset for building Kubernetes operators
  • The hybrid Helm operator allows for more control and customization than the original Helm operator
  • Future plans for the Operator SDK include external bundle validation
  • Quarkus is a faster alternative to JVM for building operators
The hybrid Helm operator was created to address the limitations of the original Helm operator, which often led users to abandon it and create a new operator from scratch. The hybrid Helm operator allows for more customization and control, while still utilizing the Helm chart as a starting point.


Operator Framework is an open source project for scaffolding, deploying, and managing Kubernetes Operators and includes Operator SDK and Operator Lifecycle Manager. With Operator Lifecycle Manager on it's way to 1.0, come learn about the new OLM API, as well as new features in Operator SDK like v4 plugins. Will feature a demo of OLM 1.0, including Deppy and Rukpak.


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