How Salesforce built an extensible PaaS using CRDs saving devs 4200 hours


Authors:   Mayank Kumar


A small thought experiment in automating the day to day life of a Salesforce engineer became a platform for productivity that was built on top of controller-runtime, CRD’s, kubernetes, kubebuilder and a CLI. Adopting the KRM, made it really easy for them to model their service lifecycle and expose a simplified abstraction that allowed service owners at Salesforce to skip daily mundane tasks and focus on their business logic. In this talk, they will show you how easy it is to use the kubernetes control plane to create control loops that can automate the SDLC of your company . They will also show you how to build an extensible PaaS platform on top of Kubernetes and your company's existing processes that does not constraint the users, but allows the service owners to see through the abstraction. You will not only leave the talk with an even greater appreciation for the KRM model and for the strength of kubernetes apis but also with a recipe for automating the SDLC of YOUR company.


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