Keynote: Closing Remarks - Jasmine James, Senior Engineering Manager


Authors:   Ricardo Rocha, Emily Fox, Jasmine James


The main thesis of the conference presentation is to create a people-centered developer experience by taking a holistic approach to solving problems in the developer workflow.
  • The four pillars to creating a people-centered developer experience are discoverability, usability, capabilities, and stability.
  • Developers should be considered as people and their experience should be prioritized.
  • Metrics such as incident management data, post-mortem surveys, and focus groups can be used to assess developer confidence in the workflow.
  • Intentional postmortems and centralized support can improve stability within the environment.
  • Tools such as Litmus can be used to validate Kubernetes upgrades and benchmark resilience.
  • Collaboration and empathy are key to improving the developer workflow.
The speaker introduced Janice, a developer who was having trouble finding the right direction in her new environment. The organization she worked for approached each challenge with an empathetic ear to gain understanding, established metrics to measure improvements, and implemented capabilities that directly improved Janice's experience. By doing so, they were able to create a seamless experience for her to execute.


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