Evolving Prometheus for More Use Cases


Authors:   Chris Marchbanks, Bartek Plotka


Prometheus is a well-known CNCF Graduated project that allows cheap and effective monitoring capabilities using metrics. With a rich ecosystem of exporters and integrations, Prometheus allows you to collect metrics from your applications running in Kubernetes and beyond in no time. There were many opportunities to learn about Prometheus, its data model and capabilities at every past KubeCon around the globe. This talk will be different. As the cloud-native ecosystem evolves and more organizations adopt cloud-native approaches, all projects are innovating and seeking improvements. We mean things like Kubernetes clusters “as cattle”, multi-cluster applications, eBPF, edge services and more. To keep up with demands for different deployments and architectures, Prometheus evolves too. In this talk, you will learn how you can use and extend Prometheus for those different use cases. In addition, we will highlight advanced, experimental, or upcoming functionality to help with your use cases.