It’s All for the Users. More Durable, Secure, and Pluggable. KubeVirt v0.53


Authors:   Alice Frosi


Overview of recent developments in Kubernetes virtualization and plans for future improvements
  • Kubernetes virtualization has made progress in areas such as security, multi-architecture support, and integration with other projects in the Kubernetes ecosystem
  • Future plans include focusing on confidential computing, separating VM options from workload definition, and improving resource hot-plugging for virtual machines
  • A demo of the Kubernetes cluster provider is shown to illustrate how a cluster can be created on top of another Kubernetes cluster using Kubvirt
The speaker demonstrated the Kubvirt cluster provider by creating a cluster on top of another Kubernetes cluster, showcasing how Kubvirt can be used to manage virtual machines within a Kubernetes environment.


If you liked KubeVirt before, you'll like it even better now, and if you ignored it before, it's time you tried it out. In the last year, KubeVirt has added numerous features, improving scalability, security, storage, network options, and usage for specialized hardware and edge applications. Join the KubeVirt contributors for a brief tour of what's new, including: - Additional traditional storage features for hotplug and snapshots - More mature high performance computing with SRIOV and vNUMA availability - Improved security with unprivileged VMs - Foundation for technical workstations using vGPU slicing - Don’t fear updates with mature Live Migrations - Improved automation with new like Argo CD and Tekton integrations - Rapid Kubernetes tenant cluster using ClusterAPI - On the verge to CNCF Incubator? We'll explain and even demo some of the new features. KubeVirt is going places, join our session to find out how it can help you go places too.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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