Choosing Cloud Native Technologies for the Journey to Multi-cloud


Authors:   Adelina Simion


The presentation discusses the challenges faced in the world of payments processing and the solution of moving to cloud-agnostic technologies, specifically Kubernetes, to achieve high availability and flexibility for clients to run on multi-cloud.
  • Challenges in payments processing include a large volume of transactions, reliability and durability, and maintenance of external payment infrastructures
  • The architecture before the multi-cloud project involved payment services hosted in AWS and a hybrid architecture with two data centers hosted by partners at Equinix
  • Moving to cloud-agnostic technologies, specifically Kubernetes, allowed for the same development and deployment experience regardless of cloud provider and enabled automation of deployment, scaling, and management of applications
  • Networking and service discovery were identified as the most difficult part of going to multi-cloud, but Kubernetes allowed for high availability and flexibility for clients to connect to whichever payment service they preferred
The speaker mentioned that the banking sector is heavily regulated and was one of the last to move to the cloud. As they take on more clients and process an increasing number of transactions, they wanted to give clients the peace of mind and flexibility to run on multi-cloud, rather than being dependent on a particular cloud vendor.


Building, deploying and maintaining systems has become increasingly more complicated in recent years. Now, as engineers look toward migrating to multi-cloud architectures, systems and processes may need to be migrated to new technologies. But what choices are available, how do they fit together and how can the CNCF landscape help? This talk discusses the cloud native technologies that can be used to convert to a multi-cloud architecture and highlights some of the lessons learned from taking this journey on at Form3. The audience will learn: - How to decide if multi-cloud is essential for them - The fundamentals of deploying services across multiple clouds with Kubernetes - How to leverage Cilium to mesh together multiple clusters - The basics of event sourcing using NATS in the multi-cloud world - Resilient and performant data storage using CockroachDB This talk is useful for any new comers to the cloud native landscape, as well as those curious about going multi-cloud!Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!