Autonomous Delivery: Overcoming the Technical Challenges with Jiajun Zhu of Nuro

Conference:  Transform X 2021


Authors:   Jiajun Zhu


Jiajun Zhu is the CEO and Co-Founder of Nuro. Prior to founding Nuro, Jiajun was a principal software engineer of Google and one of the founding team members of the company’s self-driving car project (now known as Waymo). He joins Scale AI CEO, Alexandr Wang, in a fireside chat to discuss the technical challenges of building autonomous delivery vehicles at scale. Together Jaijun and Alexandr explore why it's vital for society to automate the nearly 100 billion personal shopping trips we make each year in the US. Jaijun shares the key reasons autonomous goods delivery represents 'one of the hardest engineering challenges in history'. In particular, what are the challenges in managing data to optimize the learning process? How do you optimize for the 'long tail' of edge cases rather than solving the most common driving scenarios? How do you build a sensor strategy in conjunction with an AI strategy? Join this session to hear key lessons learned from the first autonomous vehicle company licensed to operate a driverless delivery service in the state of California.