An AI-First Approach to Enable Self-Driving at Scale, with Raquel Urtasun of Waabi

Conference:  Transform X 2021


Authors:   Raquel Urtasun


In this keynote session, Raquel Urtasun, Founder and CEO of Waabi, offers a new approach to developing AI-based systems for autonomous vehicles and explains why it is critical in enabling self-driving autonomy at scale. Raquel explores why autonomous self-driving is a complex problem to solve for AI engineers. She shares an in-depth explanation of the technical issues that must be solved, which commonly lead to scalability and cost challenges for today's AV manufacturers. She critiques current AI approaches and offers a different approach that is better able to learn and scale. How does an AI-first approach improve model interpretability and verification? How can you perform complex reasoning that is generalized across different sensor configurations and geographies? How does this AI-first approach reduce overall cost and complexity? Join this keynote to learn how an AI-first approach differs dramatically from current industry methodologies and positively impacts all parts of the AV software stack, from mapping and perception to prediction, planning, and vehicular control.


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