Running Kubernetes in a Manufacturing Line – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Authors:   Mario Fahlandt, Tobias Schneck


The presentation discusses the implementation of a Kubernetes-based platform for the manufacturing industry, emphasizing the importance of independence, automation, and declarative management tools.
  • The platform is designed to be independent of the cloud and adaptable to different customer needs and infrastructures
  • Automation and declarative management tools are crucial for repeatability, testability, and scalability
  • Services should be consumed as a service to make them quick and easy to use
  • Independence is important for disaster recovery and partial connectivity cases
The speaker mentions a use case where the platform was used for a manufacturing line where people upload pictures and scan them. The quality of the production line affects the need for additional nodes for the Kafka service, highlighting the importance of optimizing the lower infrastructure.


Imagine your manufacturing line is controlled by services running in your datacenters’ Kubernetes clusters. You have facilities in locations all over the world. You provide a managed service with uptime SLA. Now, there is an issue with the internet connection. Or security is shutting down all connections to defend against a cyberattack. And your production line must keep working because every downtime is money. This was the challenge to solve, and we did! Did you ever think about - How to run basic Infrastructure Services like DHCP and DNS in a cloud native way for manufacturing services? How to autoscale cluster on-prem? Follow us in the rabbit hole using all kinds of CNCF projects to build a setup that scales, is able to shift and redeploy workloads, and continues to function without relying on cloud vendors or external services. We will show you the obvious and non-obvious challenges of cloud native adopters in the industry 4.0 sector, including some true edge computing cases.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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