From Monitoring to Observability: Left Shift your SLOs with Chaos


Authors:   Michael Friedrich


The presentation discusses the importance of observability in DevOps and how it can be achieved through metrics, tracing, and chaos engineering.
  • Observability is crucial in DevOps and can be achieved through metrics, tracing, and chaos engineering.
  • Metrics and tracing provide valuable data for observability and can be implemented through tools like Prometheus and OpenTelemetry.
  • Chaos engineering can help identify and prevent potential issues in a system.
  • Teams should be trained and onboarded on observability practices, including defining service level objectives and alerts.
  • Observability should be a team effort and accessible to everyone.
  • The speaker encourages learning and collaboration in the open source community to ensure systems are running smoothly.
The speaker mentions a demo where a programming mistake was detected through DNS failure, highlighting the importance of observability in identifying issues. They also discuss their personal experience with implementing OpenTelemetry into GitLab for CI/CD observability.


Security has shifted left in CI/CD pipelines. Traditional service monitoring moved on with metrics, logs and traces and observability embraces the unknown unknowns. Developers and SREs are instrumenting applications with distributed tracing. How do service level objectives (SLOs) add to the bigger picture? This talk invites into a developer’s tale about ops deployment scalability, availability threshold definitions and measuring application performance. What are the benefits of app instrumentation, metrics and traces and where does the journey start? Dev becomes Ops: SLOs need to be well understood and simulated early in the development process. New building blocks come to play: Continuous Delivery, quality gates and chaos engineering - is it possible to left shift SLOs with Chaos in your CI/CD pipelines?Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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