Cluster API Providers: Intro, Deep Dive, and Community!


Authors:   Ashutosh Kumar, Richard Case, Ankita Swamy


Cluster API Providers simplify the management of Kubernetes clusters on various infrastructure environments through kubernetes style declarative APIs and extensibility through providers.
  • Cluster API automates the life cycle management of Kubernetes clusters using kubernetes style declarative APIs
  • Cluster API providers create necessary supporting infrastructure and handle bootstrapping and configuration of Kubernetes clusters on various infrastructure environments
  • Providers are interchangeable and customizable to meet specific needs
  • The project is building higher order functions on top of the provisioning side of Cluster API
  • The talk provides updates on Cluster API providers, including CAPZ, CAPG, and CAPA, with a special focus on Azure, GCP, and AWS providers
Cluster API is like a virtual kubernetes in a box tool that provides all the necessary tools and components to assemble a unique kubernetes cluster. Providers are like a recipe book that allows customization of ingredients to create a delicious dish. The extensibility of Cluster API makes it easy to add support for new infrastructure environments or bootstrap mechanisms.


Come learn about Cluster API (a Kubernetes sub-project) which allows users to do declarative and easy life cycle management of Kubernetes clusters on many target infrastructure environments. We’ll cover CAPI providers, with a special focus on Azure, GCP, and AWS providers. In this session, we will cover: 1. Introduction to Cluster API 2. Overview of CAPI providers: CAPZ, CAPG, and CAPA, how to join and get involved. 3. Introduction to the features around managed Kubernetes. 4. Update on topics like Identity and management and Async reconciliation 5. Future trends and goals for the infrastructure providers. At the end of this session, the audience will take away an understanding of the cluster lifecycle and management on public clouds, along with what’s new and how to contribute back to open source and the CNCF.


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