CNCF TAG-Runtime: What's Next in Cloud Native Workloads?


Authors:   Ricardo Aravena


Overview of various Kubernetes-related projects and their use cases
  • Projects include Volcano, K3s, Confidential Computing, Crosslit, Cuver, Vorteil, Box, Rootless Containers, and Trial
  • Use cases range from managing Kubernetes clusters at the edge to auto-scaling based on events to creating custom operating systems for specific workloads
  • Volcano is for scheduling resource-intensive workloads, K3s is a lightweight Kubernetes distribution for the edge, and Confidential Computing provides encryption and security for running workloads without revealing information to cloud providers
  • Cuver allows for managing virtual machines with Kubernetes, Crosslit enables running web assembly modules with Kubernetes, and Vorteil creates custom operating systems for specific workloads
  • Box is a Docker container that acts like a VM, Rootless Containers allows running containers as root users without compromising the host, and Trial is a container registry with a focus on high performance and P2P distribution
The speaker mentioned that K3s is less than 100 megabytes in size and can be embedded into lighter nodes or ARM processors at the edge. This makes it a popular choice for IoT applications and CI/CD systems.


What is the CNCF TAG-Runtime? How do we identify projects for CNCF admission? Where do we see the future of runtimes in the cloud native ecosystem? The session will cover: 1) Overview of the TAG-Runtime, how to join, and how to get involved. 2) Update of the related projects that have presented in our meetings. 3) Existing and potential working groups in the TAG and how to get involved. 4) How the TAG provides advise to the CNCF TOC. 5) Future trends for cloud native technologies in the TAG scope such as containers, VMs, WebAssembly and MLOPs.


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