Hacking Government Cybersecurity

Conference:  BlackHat EU 2020



The importance of building a strong cybersecurity culture within an organization
  • Learning and mastering the fundamentals is crucial before moving on to advanced techniques
  • Understanding and managing risks is key to successful cybersecurity
  • Creating a reporting culture and empowering individuals to speak up is essential
  • Flexibility and adaptability are necessary to respond to evolving threats
  • Building camaraderie and community within the organization is important for teamwork
The speaker shares their experience of participating in a large exercise against air threats and surface-to-air threats, emphasizing the importance of exploring the limits of technology and building teamwork and camaraderie. They also reflect on attending the Defcon conference and realizing that the same principles applied to the cybersecurity community.


This session delivered by Pete Cooper, the Deputy Director for Cyber Defence at the Cabinet Office will focus on his perspectives and the latest developments in cyber security across government and beyond. From understanding and managing risk at government scale, to collaborating with industry partners and the hacker community, this session will explore how we can view and work through our cyber challenges to reduce risks to our societies. As hostile actors seek to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic for their strategic advantage, confidence in the security of our digital lives becomes ever more important. Pete will talk about cyber security across government and utilising his diverse military, private sector and government background to drive cutting edge thinking, collaboration and change.



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