Intro and Deep Dive to the CNF Working Group


Authors:   Ian Wells, Jeff Saelens, Taylor Carpenter


The Cloud Native Network Function Working Group discusses challenges and best practices in automating cloud infrastructure and applications.
  • Hand-deploying clouds and applications leads to inconsistencies and problems
  • Automating infrastructure and applications leads to fewer problems and more consistent operation
  • Challenges faced by developers include defining patterns, delivering network services, and gaining adoption
  • Operators face challenges in running critical infrastructure and cloud native environments
  • The Kubernetes community must understand the requests of CNF developers and operators
  • Use cases drive best practices and established patterns
  • The working group collaborates with other organizations and projects to improve cloud-native best practices
The speaker mentions collaborating with other organizations and projects, such as the Linux Foundation Networking and the Etsy Plug Test, to improve cloud-native best practices. They invite others to contribute to the working group's efforts through various channels, such as weekly meetings, Slack, and a mailing list. The working group also has a CNF test suite for validating software and identifying challenges in adopting cloud-native best practices.


The Cloud Native Network Function (CNF) Working Group’s task is to recommend best practices for networking applications (aka CNFs) that run on Kubernetes. Our goal is to enable operators and creators of CNFs to take advantage of Kubernetes application development benefits. This session will cover an introduction to the working group, how we work, and what we produce. We will explore an example use case and a set of best practices for networking applications. Finally, we will provide an overview of some of the areas currently in discussion, and how you can participate, or even contribute.


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