Panel Discussion: Marketing as Code: How to Rock Out with Non-Code Contributions


Authors:   Kunal Kushwaha, Kaslin Fields, Chris Short, Bart Farrell, Matt Broberg


The importance of contributing to open source projects like Kubernetes and documenting one's learning to enhance knowledge and stand out in the tech industry.
  • Contributing to open source projects like Kubernetes can enhance one's knowledge and help them stand out in the tech industry
  • Documenting one's learning through blogs, events, and teaching can also enhance knowledge and market oneself to companies
  • The intersection of interests and needs can lead to valuable skills and experiences
  • Kubernetes is a significant open source project that influences the experience of major businesses in the world
Chris highlights the value of public speaking skills in tech and how he markets himself by listing speaking events on his resume and website. He also emphasizes the importance of documenting one's learning and maintaining a personal website to showcase skills and experiences.


For new folks in the CNCF space, becoming a contributor may sound daunting, and even overwhelming. But guess what? There are tons of ways to contribute apart from code. 5 members of the Contibex Marketing working group (Kunal, Bart, Chris, Kaslin, and Matt) are all participating and contributing through positive attitudes, documentation, networking, videos, drawings, and even raps. They want to share the welcoming spirit of the CNCF where no contribution is too small, and everyone will have something to share. Contributors' stories must be heard, and that's where the upstream marketing team comes in. (This proposal is for the Students' track)


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