Lessons and Lulz: The 5th Annual Black Hat USA NOC Report

Conference:  BlackHat USA 2019



Lessons and Lulz: The 5th Annual Black Hat USA NOC Report is a conference presentation that shares data and insights on network security and operations.
  • The Black Hat NOC team shares data on tools and techniques used to set up, stabilize, and secure the network
  • Humorous network activity is shared to highlight the poor conduct of security professionals on an open WiFi network
  • The NOC team works with partners, not sponsors, to provide equipment and talent for the network
  • Threat hunting with RSA and segmentation are key components of the NOC's evolution
  • Automation is a major project that has taken several shows to implement
The NOC team decided to implement segmentation after an offensive class destroyed a neighboring class on human factors in managing security. They brought in RSA's threat hunting and sandboxing tools to learn from the malware they encountered. They also decided to install endpoint on all registration machines to monitor activity. Automation has been a major project for the team, taking several shows to implement.


Back with another year of soul crushing statistics, the Black Hat NOC team will be sharing all of the data that keeps us equally puzzled, and entertained, year after year. We'll let you know all the tools and techniques we're using to set up, stabilize, and secure the network, and what changes we've made over the past year to try and keep doing things better. Of course, we'll be sharing some of the more humorous network activity and what it helps us learn about the way security professionals conduct themselves on an open WiFi network. Spoiler Alert: It's poorly. We conduct ourselves poorly.