What's New in Operator Framework?


Authors:   Jonathan Berkhahn, Varsha Prasad Narsing, Jesus Rodriguez, Austin Macdonald


The presentation covers the recent updates in Operator Framework, particularly the Operator SDK CLI, and the addition of Java-based operator support. The talk also mentions the Hybrid-Helm feature and external bundle validation.
  • Operator Framework is an open-source toolkit to create and manage operators
  • Operator SDK now supports Java-based operator development
  • Hybrid-Helm feature allows adding custom logic to a Helm operator
  • External bundle validation is being added to Operator SDK
  • Phase two plugins are being added to Cube Builder and SDK
The addition of Java-based operator support was motivated by the popularity of Java among enterprise developers. The Operator SDK team aims to meet developers where they are most comfortable. This approach was also taken with the addition of Ansible and Helm support.


This session covers recently added features in Operator Framework, particularly the Operator SDK CLI. We'll walk through scaffolding a Java operator using the newly-added Quarkus plugin, discuss how to add custom login to a Helm operator with the Hybrid-Helm feature, or how to best test your operator.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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