Removing Language Barriers for Spanish-speaking Professionals


Authors:   Victor Morales, Rael Garcia Arnés


The presentation discusses the process of contributing to the translation of Kubernetes documentation and the importance of committing to the process. It also highlights the use of tools such as Netlify, Google, and GitHub in the contribution process.
  • The process of contributing to the translation of Kubernetes documentation involves signing the CLA, understanding Google, and having a GitHub account.
  • Netlify is used to check the preview of changes made to the documentation before submission.
  • Commitment to the contribution process is important to avoid wasting time and demonstrate dedication to the open-source community.
  • Contributing to documentation is a low entry-level way to get involved in open-source and can lead to contributing to other components.
  • The presentation also mentions a translation initiative for the CNCF, which involves translating security and glossary documents.
  • The contribution process involves forking the main project, cloning changes locally, creating a branch, submitting a pull request, and coordinating efforts through issues.
The presenter recommends committing to a regular schedule for contributing to the documentation, even if it's just one or two hours per day. They emphasize the importance of demonstrating commitment to the open-source community and not just throwing code and leaving it. The presenter also encourages reading the documentation and proposing changes if something is missing.


In 2020 the Apache Software Foundation Community published a survey[1] which suggests that language can be one of the major barriers to contribute to any open source project. According to some estimates[2] in Latin America, open source technologies will grow five times in the coming years. Talented professionals, students and enthusiasts demand access to documentation written in their own language. That's why the Spanish documentation team has been participating in different initiatives to help others to contribute into the translation process. During this session, it's going to be shared what the Kubernetes Spanish documentation team has been accomplished and walkthrough the process to translate and contribute to the CNCF documentation. The prime audience for this sessions are spanish-speaking professionals and enthusiasts willing to participate in improving the CNCF documentation. They will understand the workflow to submit documentation changes and help to participate in the localization process. [1] https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/download/attachments/158865837/The%202020%20ASF%20Community%20Survey%20-%20Readout%20%281%29.pdf?api=v2 [2] http://www.latinamerica.tech/2019/11/12/latins-contribute-little-to-open-source-software/Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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