Panel Discussion: Cloud Native Computing Foundation Mentees


Authors:   Ihor Dvoretskyi, Kunal Kushwaha, Uchechukwu Obasi, Divya Mohan


The CNCF community has proven that open source is for everyone and every contribution counts. To support this statement, there have been numerous opportunities provided by the CNCF community to get more young people and new contributors get involved in the project. Namely, GSoC, GSoD, LFX Mentorship programs, CROSS, Outreachy. Although, the problem of lack of awareness about these opportunities still exists. As well all saw, over 69% of the attendees were first-timers, and many students joined as well. This panel consists of ex-CNCF mentees & CNCF program managers. They are going to share their experiences & tips, regarding how they got started with CNCF, their journey with the internship opportunities & mentorship programs. In addition to that, viewers would also learn how to get started with CNC projects, right from picking an organisation, to making their first contributions. In the end, the panel will share some community best practices and resources.


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