A New Generation of NATS - Matthias Hanel & Jean


Authors:   Matthias Hanel, Jean-Noël Moyne


NATS is a cloud-native messaging system that offers high performance, simplicity, security, and availability. The introduction of JetStream, a new distributed persistence layer, enables NATS to offer new higher qualities of services and functionalities such as streaming.
  • NATS is a complete production problem cloud-native messaging system that is made for developers and operators who want to spend more time doing their job and less time worrying about how to do messaging
  • NATS offers over 40 different client libraries in as many languages, request-reply with inbox messaging and queueing, durable subscribers, and streaming functionalities with persistence of the streams
  • JetStream replaces STAN as a new streaming functionality of NATS and offers many advantages over STAN
  • JetStream is distributed and consistent, implements disaster recovery through mirroring between strips, supports file or memory storage, and offers decoupled flow control between the publishers to stream and the subscribers of that stream
  • JetStream has three retention policies available: limits, interests, and working queue, and gives you many options when it comes to replay policies
JetStream provides much better integration with core NATS, allowing for a transition path for existing coordinates application to streaming. This means that developers can easily migrate their existing NATS streaming applications to JetStream and take advantage of its many benefits.


NATS is a high performance cloud native distributed communications utility that allows you to build globally available and secure applications based on streams and services that are both fast and simple to operate. In this talk you will learn about all the numerous new features that have been introduced NATS version 2 and more specifically in the last few months and with the introduction of JetStream a new distributed persistence layer that enables NATS to offer new higher qualities of services and functionalities such as streaming. You will also see a demo showcasing the flexibility of the NATS Adaptive Edge Architecture including how it can be combined with the new functionalities enabled by JetStream to offer continuous and guaranteed publication of data on streams even during network failures.