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Authors: Mark Mandel

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The presentation discusses the implementation of UDP proxies in the gaming industry and the potential for open source standard tooling for this kind of work.
  • UDP proxies can make game servers harder to take down and provide more redundancy
  • Open source standard tooling can be established for this kind of work
  • The iguana's XDS provider can manipulate all the rest of the proxies
  • Active communities exist for game servers, game server orchestration, and extending Kubernetes in weird and wonderful ways
Authors: Steve Judd

tldr - powered by Generative AI

The importance of understanding and assuring the trustworthiness of external dependencies in software applications
  • Modern software components contain a selection of external dependencies whose provenance is unknown
  • Assuring the trustworthiness of dependencies is often ignored by organizations and their engineering teams
  • Efficient, automated pipelines can be used to audit dependencies for vulnerabilities and license obligations, assess them against the organization’s security policies, and ultimately provide the ability to control which dependencies can be used and deployed within the organization