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Conference:  Defcon 31
Authors: Anonymous

"No one hacks at DEF CON any more." is what I've heard. That is, until now. Seedboxes/seedhosts are used by thousands of pirates to download and distribute Movies/TV/Music via USENET and Torrents. The thing is, these systems are horribly insecure. Like, they are wide open. In this talk, I am going to open up a xterm, And a FireFox window, and hack into seedhosts. LIVE. No Demos. No Powerpoint. No introduction slides. Just port scan, attack, 0wn, extract credentials, download all content, obtain other users' credentials, etc. For literally thousands of accounts. Did you know people store their Google Drive tokens on seedhosts? Did you know that your seedbox provider has no idea how to properly configure docker? Did you know that your plain-text password is sitting in multiple places on these machines, accessible to all other users? Did you know that administrators for very-large private torrent sites re-use the same password for all their accounts, and leave them on seedhosts? Let's hack.