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Authors: Pavol Loffay, Benedikt Bongartz, Yuri Oliveira Sa, Severin Neumann, Kristina Pathak

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The tutorial explores the use of OpenTelemetry for end-to-end observability data collection on Kubernetes. Participants will learn how to instrument applications using auto-instrumentation, deploy the OpenTelemetry collector, and collect traces, metrics, and logs.
  • Observability is about understanding applications by looking at metrics, logs, and traces
  • OpenTelemetry is a neutral approach to ship telemetry data
  • The OpenTelemetry project includes a specification, API, SDK, data model, tools for generating traces, and a collector
  • The OpenTelemetry collector can be run on Kubernetes or locally
  • The tutorial covers manual and automatic instrumentation
  • The OpenTelemetry operator can be used to integrate with Prometheus and get logs from nodes