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Authors: Sven Schleier

There are numerous ways of developing mobile apps today, but how do you ensure that your app is properly secured? What are the threats you should be concerned about and what can you do to avoid being an easy target? If you don't want to miss anything, leveraging a standard is essential. Google understands this very well and since April 2022 acknowledges developers who had their apps independently validated against the OWASP MASVS. In this talk we'll introduce you to the OWASP MASVS (Mobile Application Security Verification Standard), which works together with the OWASP MASTG (Mobile App Security Testing Guide) to help you understand the attack surface of mobile apps, how to exploit them and how to protect them and the transitioning into version 2.0. Both resources are crafted and are curated by a team of numerous experts and community contributors. Want to secure your mobile apps? See you there!
Authors: Julia Potapenko

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The presentation discusses the importance of platform-specific considerations in React Native application security.
  • React Native is a leaky abstraction that requires attention to platform-specific details for security
  • Examples of platform-specific security considerations include secure storage, managing and joint permissions, and jailbreak/root detection
  • Third-party solutions and libraries can be used to address some of these security concerns
  • Mobile security best practices should be followed to ensure consistent behavior across platforms