Keynote: Landscape Sustainability: The Pillars of Cloud Native Growth


Authors:   Dave Zolotusky, Katie Gamanji


The presentation discusses the criteria for graduation projects, the importance of openness and transparency in communication, and the focus on technology advancement, interoperability, security, and sustainability in the cloud native community.
  • The cloud native community emphasizes openness and transparency in communication and considers closer collaboration between the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) and projects.
  • The community focuses on technology advancement, interoperability, security, and sustainability.
  • The TOC relies on Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) to understand the direction of the industry.
  • Security is a major trend, with a focus on supply chain security and regulatory and legislative action.
  • There is a growing interest in running batch workloads on cloud-native technology, particularly Kubernetes.
  • Open standards and interoperability are important for innovation, extensibility, and interoperability.
  • Developer experience is a growing area of focus, with an emphasis on driving a positive contributor experience.
  • Sustainability is important for both technology and community growth, with a new Environmental Sustainability Working Group focusing on reducing the carbon footprint of cloud native projects.
  • Growing the contributory community is important for community sustainability.
The speaker emphasizes the importance of sustainability in the cloud native community and introduces the new Environmental Sustainability Working Group. The group's mission is to bring environmental sustainability as a key factor throughout the development of open source through accountability, education, and following a set of best guidelines. The speaker encourages attendees to register their interest and get involved in the group's activities.


The CNCF ecosystem provides a vendor-neutral space for contributors and adopters to share their technical advancements, and cross-check innovation strategies while seeking guidance on emerging technologies. The TOC members steer the evolution of the CNCF landscape, prompting the growth of the adopter base and the number of use cases where cloud native technology can be applied. Organic adoption and development of new tools created the ecosystem and community as we know it today. However,  to continue our growth, we need to identify the sustainability pillars of our community.This keynote will feature updates on TOC strategy and core pillars that define the future of the CNCF landscape in a scalable and sustainable manner. It will highlight the latest impactful projects and initiatives that drive the ubiquity of the cloud native.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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