Advances in AI Robotics With Marc Segura of ABB

Conference:  Transform X 2021


Authors:   Marc Segura


The speaker discusses the importance of breaking down robotic skills into smaller skills and using AI to develop and improve them over time. The bottleneck for scaling robotics is the matching of hardware with software.
  • Robot skills should be broken down into smaller skills for better learning and improvement over time
  • AI can be used to develop and improve robot skills
  • Hardware and software matching is the bottleneck for scaling robotics
The speaker gives an example of a painting process that is very complex and analog. By using AI to analyze the data from the process, hidden patterns can be found and used to regulate the process in real-time.


Marc Segura is the Managing Director of ABB's Consumer Segments & Service Robotics (CSSR) Business Line. He joins Scale AI CTO Brad Porter in a fireside chat to discuss the current state of AI in robotics and how AI can be used to advance the field to create robots that are more advanced, efficient, and safer.