Enterprise AI Strategy: Bret Taylor on Lessons Learned at Salesforce

Conference:  Transform X 2021


Authors:   Bret Taylor


The importance of building a data culture and focusing on customer experience in implementing AI in enterprises
  • Focusing on customer experience is the right place to start in implementing AI in enterprises
  • Clear business value and a defined business case are important in securing funding for AI projects
  • Short-term opportunities to make employees more productive with AI should be prioritized
  • Creating a data culture is crucial in making data-informed decisions and empowering everyone in the organization
  • Automation is a top priority in enterprises to eliminate manual processes
Salesforce's Einstein forecasting helps predict sales for the quarter and empowers executives to make data-informed decisions. Tableau's data analytics product aims to create data cultures and empower everyone in the organization to see and understand data. Automation is a priority in eliminating manual processes, such as copy-pasting between tools and using spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations for tasks that could be automated.


A TransformX Conference HighlightAt TransformX, we brought together a community of leaders, visionaries, practitioners, and researchers from several industries to explore the shift from research to reality within the realms of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).Introducing Bret TaylorBret Taylor leads Salesforce’s global product vision, engineering, security, marketing, and communications. Taylor began his career by co-creating Google Maps, and he later co-founded FriendFeed, which was acquired by Facebook. He is credited with creating Facebook’s “like” button.In this TransformX session, “Enterprise AI Strategy: Lessons Learned at Salesforce,” Taylor joined Scale AI CEO Alexandr Wang to discuss the key considerations that businesses of all sizes should keep in mind to ensure that they delight their customers and achieve sustainable business outcomes. You can also read an executive summary of the seven key takeaways here. The full transcript of the session appears below.


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