Panel Discussion: OpenGitOps and the GitOps Working Group


Authors:   Dan Garfield, Christian Hernandez, Cornelia Davis, Chris Sanders, Leonardo Murillo


The presentation discusses the concept of GitOps and its importance in software development. It emphasizes the need for a clear process and chain of custody in delivering software, and how GitOps can provide this.
  • Automation doesn't have to be scary and can be secure
  • GitOps provides a clear process and chain of custody in delivering software
  • GitOps allows for multiple sources of truth and can be used to establish best practices
  • There are still some issues left up for discussion, such as secret management
The speaker gave an example of how some people think of GitOps as a backup, but it is actually the actual state of the software. They also discussed the anti-patterns of people applying changes without being the software agent and putting something in Git but not wanting it deployed.


Hundreds of organizations today are leveraging GitOps to successfully run and manage complex software systems, benefitting from its inherent modern development best practices as well as the tools that implement its responsive continuous deployments. GitOps adoption has seen dozens of companies innovate to offer solutions, and inspired several open source projects including Argo and Flux, both CNCF projects. With innovation accelerating and the number of stakeholders increasing, the time has come for a clear, vendor-neutral definition of GitOps. Inspired by increased interest and informed by years of working toward solutions, a CNCF GitOps Working Group was formed in 2020 to discover and standardize the definition of GitOps and its principles. This group will also focus on interoperability between tools, conformance, and certification. Join us for a panel discussion with members from several of the founding organizations to learn about GitOps, OpenGitOps, and future work.


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