Kubernetes SIG CLI: Intro and Updates


Authors:   Maciej Szulik, Katrina Verey, Eddie Zaneski


The presentation discusses the development and testing of Cube Control, a tool used in Kubernetes for managing clusters. It also covers the need for new contributors and the importance of attending meetings.
  • Cube Control is a staging repo that is being migrated out of the Kubernetes main repo
  • To build Cube Control, run 'make cube control' at the root of the repo
  • There are three types of testing: unit tests, end-to-end tests, and integration tests
  • Unit tests are offline and run quickly, while end-to-end tests require an active Kubernetes cluster
  • Integration tests are bash tests that need improvement
  • New contributors are needed for the project and attending meetings in person is encouraged
The speaker emphasized the importance of attending meetings in person, stating that it is easier to get involved than just interacting through online issues. They acknowledged that the meeting times may not be convenient for everyone, but encouraged attendees to provide feedback on how to improve the process.


SIG CLI is the special interest group for the command line tooling of the Kubernetes project. The SIG maintains kubectl, kustomize, and related libraries. In this session the SIG CLI leads will provide an introduction to the SIG and an overview of how to contribute. They will share the work that's been done the past year, an introduction to the KRM Functions subproject, and thoughts on declarative vs. imperative workflows. The session will conclude with open discussion and Q&A.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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