Kubernetes SIG UI Introduction and Updates


Authors:   Shu Muto, Sebastian Florek


The presentation discusses the roadmap for improving the scalability and performance of Kubernetes Dashboard by decoupling the API and UI, implementing a new API architecture, and introducing a new outer layer.
  • The current container for the API and UI will be split into two separate containers to improve scalability and ease of management
  • Styling improvements will be made to allow for mounting custom themes into the separated UI container
  • A new API architecture will be implemented with a GraphQL API to handle live updates more efficiently
  • A new outer layer will be introduced to improve the overall performance of Kubernetes Dashboard
The current container for the API and UI is a big monolith, making scaling and handling new features more complex. By splitting the container and introducing a new API architecture, the team hopes to improve the overall performance and scalability of Kubernetes Dashboard.


SIG UI is the special interest group developing Kubernetes Dashboard. In this session the SIG UI leads will provide an overview of what was accomplished over the past year, including new views, functions, internationalizations, leadership changes etc. They will also share plans for the upcoming releases. The session will conclude with an open discussion and Q&A.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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