SIG Instrumentation Introduction and Deep Dive


Authors:   Frederic Branczyk, Han Kang, Elana Hashman, David Ashpole


The presentation discusses the role of SIG Instrumentation in maintaining and improving observability in Kubernetes through metrics, logging, and auto-scaling.
  • SIG Instrumentation is responsible for maintaining and improving observability in Kubernetes through metrics, logging, and auto-scaling
  • Structured logging is being implemented to improve the logging infrastructure in Kubernetes
  • Projects such as kube-state-metrics, metrics-server, and prometheus-adapter are being maintained to generate and expose metrics for Kubernetes objects
  • Auto-scaling can be done based on any metric using projects such as prometheus-adapter
  • SIG Instrumentation reviews new additions and changes related to metrics to ensure high quality
  • Deprecated command line options related to log file handling will be removed in Kubernetes 1.26
  • SIG Instrumentation also maintains the k-log implementation itself
One of the initiatives discussed in the presentation was the implementation of structured logging in Kubernetes. This involved rewriting source code to replace unstructured log calls with a variant that takes key value pairs. The goal was to make log messages more easily readable and usable in log ingestion pipelines. The team worked with many contributors to complete this initiative.


Kubernetes SIG Instrumentation is responsible for ensuring high quality and consistent instrumentation across the Kubernetes project. We will begin with an introductory overview of the efforts the SIG Instrumentation has worked on in the past and is currently working on. This deep dive session will go in detail currently ongoing efforts happening within SIG Instrumentation to share with the audience concrete pieces of work to encourage future collaboration. Software engineering and operations are both disciplines practiced in SIG Instrumentation, and any experience will help the special interest group's mission. Join this session to learn how to get involved in SIG Instrumentation to make instrumentation even better!


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