Building a Successful Open Source Community as an End-user Company


Authors:   Henrik Blixt, Kareena Hirani


Have you ever thought about open sourcing a project but don't know where, or how, to start? Maybe you have already dipped your toes, but want to know more about what the process entails?Many open source projects are vendor backed with plenty of funding and backed by an army of marketing, program managers, solution architects and support, but if you’re not a vendor and lack all these resources, how do you grow your community and project?The Argo project was initiated by Applatix, after acquiring the company Intuit has carried the torch and Argo is now deployed at hundreds of companies and has a large and diverse community. However, the path wasn’t always easy and a lot of efforts went into making Argo what it is today.Come and listen to Kareena and Henrik as they tell the Argo journey story; the struggles, the learnings and the successes.The stories told will be applicable to any other open source projects and whether you work for an end-user of vendor company.


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