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Authors: Richard Collins, Catherine Paganini, Danielle Cook, Simon Forster

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The importance of non-code contributions to open source projects
  • Code alone is not enough for the success of open source projects
  • Non-code contributions such as documentation, marketing, UI/UX design, and event organization are crucial
  • A variety of skill sets are needed for a project to succeed
  • Tech professionals can contribute without coding
  • The community needs a medley of tech and non-tech to create cognitive bridges between worlds
  • The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is working on a Learning Journey concept to provide signposted information and curated resources for people embarking on their Cloud Native Journey
Authors: Lisa-Marie Namphy, Kim McMahon, Bart Farrell, Sharone Zitzman

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Panelists discuss community building and metrics at a conference presentation
  • Establishing goals and metrics is important for community building
  • Qualitative analysis is important in addition to quantitative analysis
  • User zero and design partners zero are important for testing new features
  • Community building takes a lot of work and can lead to burnout
  • Building relationships with community members is important for building champions and ambassador programs
Authors: Tanya Janca

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The presentation discusses resources and strategies for maintaining secure legacy applications in DevOps.
  • Encourages joining the Open Web Application Security Project and local chapters
  • Provides a PDF summary of the presentation
  • Offers free online community called We Hack Purple with training courses and podcasts
  • Suggests regular communication with software developers and security champions through lunch and learns and presentations
  • Emphasizes the importance of feedback and addressing issues promptly
Authors: Henrik Blixt, Kareena Hirani

Have you ever thought about open sourcing a project but don't know where, or how, to start? Maybe you have already dipped your toes, but want to know more about what the process entails?Many open source projects are vendor backed with plenty of funding and backed by an army of marketing, program managers, solution architects and support, but if you’re not a vendor and lack all these resources, how do you grow your community and project?The Argo project was initiated by Applatix, after acquiring the company Intuit has carried the torch and Argo is now deployed at hundreds of companies and has a large and diverse community. However, the path wasn’t always easy and a lot of efforts went into making Argo what it is today.Come and listen to Kareena and Henrik as they tell the Argo journey story; the struggles, the learnings and the successes.The stories told will be applicable to any other open source projects and whether you work for an end-user of vendor company.
Conference:  Transform X 2021
Authors: David Carmona

David Carmona, General Manager of AI and Innovation Marketing at Microsoft shares a demo-rich session on Artificial Intelligence (AI) with real-life business applications. He walks through how enterprises can both 'anticipate and innovate' in a fast-paced and challenging business environment, to stay competitive, through AI. Plus, a 4-step framework to building a comprehensive Responsible AI strategy.