GitOps to Automate the Setup, Management and Extension a K8s Cluster


Authors:   Kim Schlesinger


The presentation is about using Terraform to create a Digital Ocean managed Kubernetes cluster as part of a GitOps workshop.
  • Terraform is an infrastructure as code tool that automates provisioning infrastructure resources like VMs, managed databases, firewalls, or Kubernetes services.
  • The presenter demonstrates how to create a Digital Ocean managed Kubernetes cluster using Terraform.
  • The presenter explains the importance of using infrastructure as code tools in GitOps.
  • The audience is given step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Digital Ocean account, configure Doctor, and use Terraform to create a Kubernetes cluster.
  • An anecdote is not provided.


In this workshop, you will experience the power of Infrastructure as Code and GitOps to automate the provisioning, modification, and extension of a Kubernetes cluster. Join me to learn how to use Terraform to spin up a Kubernetes cluster and install FluxCD, which will watch a GitHub repo and automatically apply any changes made via git commit. In order to keep all of your credentials like secrets, passwords, and tokens in your GitHub repo, we will show you how to use the sealed-secrets project to enable one-way encrypted secrets that can only be decoded inside the cluster. Finally, you will install and use Crossplane to provision digital infrastructure from inside your Kubernetes cluster, including resources from different cloud providers, giving you a chance to experiment with multi-cloud infrastructure.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!