Making Sense of Chaos: Implementing Chaos Engineering in a Fintech Company


Authors:   Iqbal Farabi, Giovanni Sakti Nugraha


Chaos engineering is defined as “the facilitation of experiments to uncover systemic weaknesses” by The Principles of Chaos Engineering. This is done by building a hypothesis around the behavior of a system and running experiments to vary real-world events. By doing these experiments, we can build confidence on the behavior of a complex system in the face of disruptions. In this talk, we will discuss our experience in implementing chaos engineering principles in GoTo Financial (GTF), one of Indonesia’s biggest fintech startups. As GTF is operating in a heavily regulated industry, we have the obligation to comply with financial regulations. One of those is adhering to certain service level objectives (SLO) for all cloud native infrastructures we maintain. Implementing chaos engineering in such a system should be handled with care. We will delve into both technical aspects of adopting chaos engineering practices and the approaches to roll out such initiatives to the wider organization.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!