No Docker, No YAML and a Polyglot Developer Experience on Top of Kubernetes


Authors:   Mauricio Salatino, Thomas Vitale


The presentation discusses building a serverless platform on top of Kubernetes using KNative serving and BuildBox to provide a developer-friendly experience. The platform allows for auto-scaling, progressive rollouts, and cost optimization.
  • Serverless platform on top of Kubernetes using KNative serving and BuildBox
  • Developer-friendly experience with auto-scaling, progressive rollouts, and cost optimization
  • All based on a builder image that knows how to containerize different applications
  • Cloud agnostic and can run on any Kubernetes distribution
The presenters demonstrated a game built on the platform where each time a player plays, a function instance is created on the backend. The game also showed cloud events popping up in real-time, demonstrating the event-driven nature of the platform.


Let's build a CaaS (Containers-as-a-Service) platform that delivers a similar experience to well-loved solutions like Google Cloud Run and Azure Container Apps. Those platforms allow you to run your applications without the need to know about containers or Kubernetes. They take your source code and remotely build and deploy your software while hiding away the complexity of Docker and Kubernetes. This presentation gives practical advice on how to build such a platform in a cloud provider-agnostic way on top of Kubernetes using only open-source projects.Thomas and Mauricio will show how the platform can scale and provide developers with a polyglot environment to code, build and deploy their event-driven applications. The presentation will cover how tools like Knative, CloudEvents, Buildpacks, func CLI, and popular languages like Java, Go, and Python can be glued together to provide an optimized polyglot developer experience that can be tested and demoed in front of a live audience.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!