Tools That I Wish Existed 3 Years Ago To Build a SaaS Offering


Authors:   Mauricio Salatino


The presentation discusses the importance of cloud strategy and multi-cloud approach in building a self-service conference platform. It also highlights the use of Tekton and Helm for automating the creation and packaging of artifacts, and KNative for making developers' lives easier.
  • Industries that are heavily regulated require running cloud providers that comply with regulations and allowing customers to run the platform in their on-prem cloud services
  • Clear definitions and a multi-cloud strategy are important in building platforms
  • Tekton and Helm can automate the creation and packaging of artifacts
  • KNative can make developers' lives easier by providing advanced traffic management and eventing capabilities
  • KNative Serving allows for easy creation of Canadian services and header-based routing
  • KNative Eventing provides producers and consumers of events to Kubernetes
The speaker demonstrated the use of KNative Serving for header-based routing, which allows for running different configurations of the same service at the same time and directing traffic based on different policies.


If you are tasked with building a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for your company products/components, you will need to make some big decisions, for example: one or more Cloud Providers, tools, creating your own abstractions, etc. From a developer perspective, this presentation covers tools in the Kubernetes ecosystem that will make your life easier when building a SaaS offering. This session cover tools such as Crossplane, Helm, CloudEvents for integrations and interoperability, Knative and Tekton to make sure that you have the flexibility to deploy your workloads in different cloud providers if needed. This presentation shows you in action tools that provide higher-level abstractions to help you to keep your implementations Multi-Cloud friendly.


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