The Soul of a New Command: Adding ‘Events’ to kubectl


Authors:   Bryan Boreham


The speaker discusses the challenges of implementing and fixing Kubernetes code and provides advice for newcomers. He also talks about the limitations of the 'get events' command and introduces a new 'kubectl events' command.
  • Newcomers should start with tests and expand coverage
  • Challenges include digging through code and lack of tutorials
  • The 'get events' command is limited in its functionality
  • The new 'kubectl events' command is more flexible and powerful
  • The speaker encourages filing issues and sending tweets for feedback
The speaker mentions a related objects feature that would make it easier to identify issues with related components of a deployment. He also discusses the technical limitations of the 'get events' command and why it cannot be improved.


Introduced as an alpha feature in the Kubernetes 1.23 release, the ‘kubectl alpha events’ command resolves some issues that could not be fixed within the generic ‘kubectl get’ command. Join us to re-live and explore: * How the need for ‘kubectl events’ came about. * How Bryan got involved and how you can, too. * The lifecycle of a Kubernetes enhancement.. * How a kubectl command is structured. * Helper libraries to fetch and print Kubernetes objects, and how you can use them in your own code. * Possible future directions for `kubectl [alpha] events`.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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